Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thanksgiving, Christmas Market & Andy's Birthday weekend - (Blogmas)

I've had the busiest week in a long time and I realise I've neglected my blog lately! I also wanted to take part in the 'Blogmas' challenge (blogging every day for the whole of December) - I realise I'm starting late, so my 1st entry will have to be today (3rd Dec) ... Oops!

Living in the UK we had never celebrated Thanksgiving until my Uncle married a Texan. Last year, shortly after my baby cousin was born in the USA, my Texan relatives flew over to London and we celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time. It was a lovely day and even though the history of Thanksgiving doesn't really relate to us personally, we enjoyed being able to give thanks for all the good things in our lives. Coming together as a family was great.
Bambi & Rio begging for some Pumpkin Pie.

Andy & I in Southampton at the German Christmas Market on Thanksgiving.
My Dad & Sister at the restaurant on Thanksgiving.
This year our US family were back in Houston and so we decided to celebrate from afar. My Dad, Sister, Andy and I had a lovely Turkey Roast Dinner at a local restaurant - The Nags Head in Chichester. My sister had also baked a Pumpkin Pie for the occasion which she is well-known for baking very well. Even though we should be thankful everyday for all the good things, it can be easy to take our blessings for granted, so it was a good opportunity to reflect and be grateful.

On Thursday, Andy and I also took a day trip to Southampton to visit the annual German Christmas Market. Being half German it was great to be around familiar, yummy German treats that I haven't had for a while. There was plenty of bratwurst, liebekuchen and other traditional nibbles on offer, but because I had my Slimming World weigh-in meeting later that evening, I couldn't fully enjoy all the delicious foods :( By the time I'd been to my SW meeting and arrived at the Nags Head I was ravenous!
German Christmas Market, Southamton.
German Chrsitmas Market, Southampton.

On Saturday, my Uncle came down from London with his track race car so that Andy could do his first track day as part of his birthday celebrations. We headed to Goodwood Racecourse in Chichester at midday ready for the 'safety brief' (which for me as a spectator was super boring). Standing around in the cold winter weather for 3 hours wasn't my favourite thing, but Andy had a fun time which is all that matters.
At Goodwood Racecourse.
Andy at Goodwood Racecourse.
Andy at Goodwood Racecourse.

Saturday evening was spent in Bognor Regis at the Cardamom Bay Indian Restaurant with some of Andy's oldest and closest friends. The food was lovely - but I was stuffed by the end of the meal! Afterwards we wandered down the road to the local Wetherspoons for a couple of celebratory drinks. At 12, I was pooped and headed back home leaving Andy to enjoy a night with the "lads". He stayed out until 5am!! (I feel way too old for that these days :P )

Sunday lunchtime I had a relaxed meal with my Dad and Sister at Nandos, after which I drove to Andy's parent's house for the rest of the day. Whilst his Lithuanian Grandma prepared his birthday dinner, Andy watched the new Mission Impossible and I napped on the sofa (what a fun bunch we are!). Dinner was an English-style beef roast - I don't really eat red meat so I just had a plateful of veg which was tasty. The family gathered to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Andy in Lithuanian (which I just observed as I can't understand a word ... ). Andy and I decided to call it an early night after an exhausting weekend, despite the fact that the celebrations still had one more day to go ...

Monday morning rang in Andy's 24th Birthday. I woke him up with a delicious Waitrose birthday cake and a couple of presents. Eating cake for breakfast is one of the best things! Sadly we had to do the weekly grocery shop which wasn't a too exciting way to spend the day, but it had to be done! I could tell Andy's definitely getting older as he STILL had a hangover and spend a majority of the afternoon napping - what an old man! The couple we were supposed to be having dinner with unfortunately had to cancel, but Andy and I managed to get a table at Slug and Lettuce to take advantage of their 1/2 price Monday's offer. After a cheap but cheerful supper we finally ended Andy's birthday weekend on a good note :)
Andy blowing out his candles.

Slug & Lettuce

Oddly after such a busy long weekend I'm feeling fairly refreshed today which is nice! What did you get up to this weekend?

Love & Kisses

Vicki xoxo

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