Thursday, December 12, 2013

Late-Night Christmas Shopping - (Blogmas)

I've just stepped through the door after a lovely evening Christmas shopping with my Dad and my Sister. Whilst I didn't actually purchase very much, I got plenty of hints from my Dad and Sister and saw lots of inspiration for other people's gifts. I will most probably go shopping again early next week (I shop better when I'm on my own for some reason).

(Please excuse the really poor quality photos - using my iPhone at night isn't the greatest combination for good pictures!)

Big Christmas Tree in the centre of Town.
The centre of Town.
There was a stable with Mary and Joseph and two donkeys from a
local donkey sanctuary.
A man and woman walked around dressed up as what I guess were the Ice Queen
and King? Perhaps inspired by 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'? They were
slightly terrifying anyhow ... 
This sweet little girl was absolutely captivated and mesmerised by the
Ice King and Queen and just stared open-mouthed for so long - Adorable!!
Town was busy with happy shoppers full of Christmas spirit
(the feeling, not alcohol!).
Just had to share this darling Christmas card I saw in Paperchase -
I love it! It's retro chic & also I LOVE deer :)
Walking through the centre of town there were lots of market stalls selling homemade, craft gifts ready for Christmas. Music was playing and the smell of yummy festive foods from nearby food-carts filled the air - it was so lovely! Even if you didn't want to buy anything, the atmosphere was really wonderful - I definitely recommend you visiting your local town / city if they do late-night shopping evenings!

After buying a few bits and pieces, we decided to go to Pizza Express and got a voucher-code on my iPhone for money-off of the total food bill (always a perk!). I shared a pizza with my Dad as we are both at Slimming World together and we didn't want to be too naughty!

Have you done all of your Christmas shopping yet? Where are the best places to go for some festive cheer whilst you buy your gifts?

(I hope the next blog post has much better quality photographs than this one - My apologies, again!).

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo


  1. Ahh I'm sad I'm missing out on Chichester late night shopping this year, i always really enjoy it - it looks really lovely this year. Have you nearly finished your Christmas shopping now? I think I might be finally done! xx

  2. Haha, I'm sure wherever you are has more exciting Christmas Markets and Late-Night shopping than here :) I'm no where near done - I told myself I'd be really organised this year but yet again that hasn't gone according to plan! :P Well done you! Now you can relax and enjoy! xoxo