Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Date Ideas on a Budget

I'm a firm believer that we should adore and appreciate our loved ones every day of the year, but it is also quite nice to have a Valentine's Day Date. Sometimes we don't have the funds to organise a really lavish date, so here are some date ideas for those of us on a budget this Valentine's Day (or any other date during the year).

Valentine's Day Date Ideas on a Budget.

1. Go for a Romantic Picnic
Picnics are simple, thoughtful and romantic. Raid your cupboards for some yummy snacks and head on down to your local park or other picturesque natural areas.

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2. Have an Indoor Picnic

If it's raining cats and dogs outside, which often it is in the UK in February, why not create an intimate, indoor-picnic? Without the bugs and possibility of bad weather, an indoor-picnic is a cosy and convenient date idea for all to enjoy.

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3. Romantic Movie Night

Grab a movie you'll both enjoy, a bag of popcorn, some drinks and a blanket, and you have yourself a romantic movie night for two. This is an easy date idea for those with no funds or those who are too tired for a more energetic date activity.

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4. Prepare a Romantic Meal

Lay the table, light some candles, dim the lights and scatter some rose petals. Sometimes the smallest of gestures can make the biggest impact. Cook a yummy home-made meal (or order take-out and serve it on your own dishes) and let the romantic mood do the talking.

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5. Go for a Drive

Jump in the car with some supplies (snacks, drinks, napkins, a map, etc) and just drive. Explore local areas you've never been too before, and have a mini adventure with your loved one. This can also be done via public transport (i.e. bus, train etc) - get off at a random stop and explore. Exciting, simple and fun!

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6. Bake a Cake Together
(or another dessert)

Baking (or cooking) together can be fun and a bonding activity for a couple. Look through some cookbooks, or surf the internet, to find a delicious-looking dessert and attempt to recreate it together. Laugh, mess around and have fun whilst baking. Once your masterpiece is finished, take some photos and enjoy feeding each other your home-made treat.

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7. Go to an Arcade

Pick up your change-jar and go to an Arcade. Play games and eat junk food. Try to win a prize for your loved one. Set a spending limit, as arcades can be addictive and you need to play responsibly - you don't want to ruin the date by losing all your money and getting into a bad mood.

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8. Make your own Spa 

Lay down some towels, get some oils / lotions and light some candles. Creating your own Spa at home is easy and can be very romantic and intimate. Give one another massages and relax.

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Do you have any cheap date ideas? Comment below - I love good date inspiration! :)

Happy Date-Planning!!

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo

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  1. Take me to the arcade!!! I wanna go on the penny machines! Xxx