Monday, January 06, 2014

December Favourites

Happy 2014! I hope this New Year brings everyone happiness, health and lots of fun adventures! My first post of 2014 will be just a few of my favourites from December - so here they are!

Hot Chocolate is always good on cold wintery days.  This brand is quite nice!

This cute address book is by Caroline Gardner and I bought it in John Lewis.  With all my friends finally getting their own homes it's good to have a pretty address book with all their new, grown-up addresses in!

I smelt this perfume in a small sample bottle and really loved it.  My Mum bought me the full-size version for Xmas  -  Thanks, Mama!

This isn't a new product for me - I've been using it for sometime and thought I'd include it as many people are looking for products that protect their hair against the cold weather.  It smells good and leaves your hair shiny and soft!

I got these cute sterling silver 'v' initial earrings and the turquoise & sterling silver teardrop earrings from Essential.  I also bought my Mum, Sister, and a couple of friends the initial studs with their own initials as I think they are really beautiful & simple.

Lastly, this Clinque 'Chubby Stick' is so nice!  It moisturises your lips whilst adding a "pop" of colour.  I have it in the shade 'pudgy peony', but I've also seen it in some other cute colours.

What were your favourite products in December?

Love & New Year's Kisses,

Vicki xoxo


  1. Nice idea to suggest your current favourites! Pretty earrings! Xxx

  2. Thanks, Kitty! :) xoxo

  3. Ooh some lovely things here! Would you recommend the Clinique chubby sticks? I'm always tempted to pick one up! Would love to see your January favourites this month!
    Love Bunty xXX

  4. Aw thank you, Bunty! :) The Chubby Sticks are really nice but I think they can be a bit pricey - luckily mine so far have been received as gifts. I know that Revlon do some nice similar lip tint/lip balm sticks which are slightly more reasonably priced. Hope that helps! :) xoxo