Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Cold :( - (Blogmas)

Apologies for not posting on here for the last few days. I had a wonderful Christmas Day but woke up on Boxing Day with a stinking cold! Boo! :( Today I had so many plans, but instead I have been in bed ALL DAY feeling utterly miserable!

The dogs have been keeping me company whilst all of my human companions have been avoiding me to try and not get sick. Here Bambi is giving me a 'Get Well Soon' kiss - He's so sweet!

I know there are lots of sickness bugs going around at the moment so I hope y'all are nice and healthy, and not a snotty mess like I am right now (so not attractive)!

What makes you feel better when you are sick? Would love to know anyone's tried-and-tested remedies as I'm fed up of feeling like this!

Love (& no Kisses so y'all don't get sick too, haha),

Vicki xoxo

1 comment:

  1. I hope you feel better soon! I hate getting a cold! :P
    Take care, girl!

    PS: I read your comment on my blog! 2 and a half years! :O Wow! that's a long time!
    I am not in a long-distance. My BF got admitted to a better college in our hometown!! I was in an LDR for only a few days..,that's when I created the blog....