Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013 in One Picture - (Last Blogmas Post)

Taking lead from blogger, Jena Roach (http://recentlyroached.blogspot.com), I decided that my last post for 2013 and of the Blogmas Challenge should be 'My 2013 in One Picture'.

Summarising your entire year into just one photograph that catches a split-second of time is quite an overwhelming concept. I have been extremely lucky during 2013, and also had some real down points. I've had love, support, family, friends, my dogs, my education, my travels and lots of fun experiences. But I've also had sadness, health issues, friend issues, university problems, lack of employment and other down sides.

I think the only picture that really truly sums up 2013 is...

Me with my Mum & Dad on Graduation Day.

Graduation signified the end of my University experience, and the beginning of the next chapter in my life. I have no idea yet whether I will go back into the education system and continue with my Masters or PHD, but for me this was the beginning of MY life, not one dictated by others. I waved goodbye to some negative people in my life and welcomed a framed degree certificate into my home. Family members celebrated and congratulated me, and my parents were beyond proud. I started the year as a Student, and am ending it as a Graduate with a good Degree.

Can you summarise your 2013 in one picture? Copy the picture from this post (or the HTML code from Jena's post) and show the blogging-world your picture of 2013!

Wishing you all a beautiful 2014 and looking forward to carrying on with this blog in the New Year!

Image from: happynewyear2014.co

Love & NYE Kisses,

Vicki xoxo


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