Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Resolutions, 2014 - (Blogmas)

I've never been one to make New Years Resolutions, but as I have seen many Bloggers post articles in the past week doing so, I feel I should attempt to set some myself for this next year.

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I hope that 2014 is my year to ...

- Change my body and lifestyle for the better.

2 - Get a job that I love, and / or, start my Master's Degree.

3 - Visit a new country.

4 - Visit my Family in Germany.

5 - Be more tidy with my clothes (this will probably be the hardest one!).

6 - Be more confident in myself.

7 - Continue to Blog regularly.

8 - Rediscover my passion for photography (& buy a new camera).

9 - Appreciate my loved ones more.

10 - Learn to cook some new dishes / recipes.

Do you set yourself New Years Resolutions and do you stick with them? What goals have you set for yourself in 2014?

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo

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