Saturday, March 01, 2014

Product Review - L'Oreal Studio Line 'Hot & Smooth'

I'm always trying out new hair and beauty products. Whenever I spot a new 'Heat Protector Spray' for hair, I usually find myself with an overwhelming urge to try it out. I'm forever searching for the best products around. So when I spotted this new L'Oreal Paris Studio Line 'Hot & Smooth' Spray, I just had to have it. Here are my thoughts on the product after using it for just over a week.

Product:  The spray comes out in a even and fine mist - I like this as some heat-sprays I have used in the past come out erratically and far too much at one time. The smell is what you would expect - nothing special, just average. It's not amazing smelling, but not horrible either. It smells a little fruity, with a hint of chemical smell. On the bottle it states that it leaves your hair '3-days straight' - which it does! I attempted this during my testing, and whilst I needed to use dry shampoo on my roots on the third day, my hair was lovely and straight with no kinks. The spray also protects your hair against styling products to the maximum heat of 230 degrees (but this can be expected from most heat-protecting sprays).

Value for Money:  
I spotted this product on offer at Tesco's with an introductory offer of 2 for £4. I thought this was good value for money and I bought two. I'm not sure how much this product will cost after the introductory offers end.

Packaging:  I like the pink bottle, but there is nothing particularly special about the packaging of this product. The bottle is filled to the top with the spray which I also like - you're not paying for a half-empty bottle. 

Would I Recommend it to a Friend:  Yes. Especially with the good introductory offers and the fact that the spray not only protects your hair, but also keeps it styled for a good length of time.

I hope this review has helped some of you! If you know of any great heat protecting styling products - let me know in the comment section!

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo

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