Monday, March 24, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge

So I've seen several of my Facebook and Instagram friends start to take part in the #100happydays challenge. The idea is to focus on what makes you happy every single day for 100 days. Even on your worst day, you should be able to find even a small source of happiness. Take a quick piccie and upload it to whichever Social Media Forum you prefer with the hashtag #100happydays and the day number. The challenge is supposed to leave you feeling more happy, positive and reflective about your own life and your blessings. 

I think that there is always more room for happiness in all our lives, so I've decided to start the photo challenge tomorrow. It might be hard for me to remember to take a photo every single day, but I will try my best!!!

If you also decide to take part in this challenge, check out , sign up and let me know your Instagram handle in the comments section!

Love, Kisses and Happy Snapping!

Vicki xoxo

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