Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wagging Wednesday

Happy Wagging Wednesday! I haven't been good with blogging in the last few weeks, but I hope I can get my butt in-gear and be better with that! I haven't done a WW post since January - so prepare yourself for chihuahua-picture overload! Enjoy!

Happy Wagging Wednesday
Rio loves attention and will do anything to get it!
'I'm a good boy, Mummy!'
The dogs love having boiled eggs as a special treat.
Waiting for Mummy to say I can have my egg.
I can smell something!
Watching the world outside the window.
'Yes, Mummy?'
Little sweetie.
My little parrot on my shoulder.
Sleepy Rio.
Little Bambi.
'Stop taking photos, Mummy, I'm trying to sleep!'.
Rio is so flexible for a dog.
Cleaning my teeth.
Good boy, Bambi.
Wakey, Wakey.
I love waking up to these boys.
Sunday Lunchtime with Rio.
Waiting for their Sunday Roast.
My Mum's friends gave her this cute mug. How insane is it that the dog looks sooo much like little Rio?
Cuddles with Rio.
Cuddles with Bambi.
Cuddled up in a blanket.
Little mouse.
I hope that wasn't too many dog photos for one post! Haha! If you'd like to see more pictures of Bambi and Rio, check out their instagram profile @bambiandrio .

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo

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