Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Weekend

It's been such a lovely spring weekend here - so sunny and warm, with lots of flowers blooming and baby animals! I love it!

On Saturday we went for Afternoon Tea at a Tea Room on a Farm. Everything we ate was organic and freshly made from ingredients grow on the farm itself. The baby calves and cows were bounding and jumping in the fields having a wonderful time. Chickens and Geese were roaming free. It was just such a beautiful sight! I love being in the countryside with all the nature and wildlife.

Saturday afternoon the dogs enjoyed a nice long playtime in the garden. It's one of the first times this year that they've been able to stay outside for longer than 5 minutes. Chihuahuas LOVE sunshine and warm weather.

On Sunday (today) we went for Sunday Lunch at a local Pub and then went to John Lewis to check out the cute Easter displays.

We also went to Lidl to see what German Easter goodies they had. My Sister and I love going to Lidl and reminiscing about our childhood. Our Oma (German Grandma) used to send us BIIIIIG Easter Parcels full of yummy German Easter treats. It was always such an exciting and happy time for us.  

I wish you all a lovely sunday evening and hope you've had lovely spring weekends too! :)

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo

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