Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wagging Wednesday

Happy 'Wagging Wednesday'!! It's my first WW post of 2014 - Yay! Even though the dogs didn't do any hardcore partying over the holidays, they've been sleeping a lot this week due to the miserable weather we've been having over here on the South Coast of England. Let's hope this next week is much better!!

Happy Wagging Wednesday! 
Little Bambi mouse.
Baby Rio.
Puppy-dog eyes from Rio.
Bambi doesn't want to go outside to wee when the weather is so cold and windy!

Stretching out!

Close-up of little Rio.

Snoozy baby.

Bambi sleeping in a funny position.

Rio sometimes just stares at me for ages - I always wonder what he's thinking.

Rio trying to get my attention.
Bambi sleeping on Andy.

Big brown eyes!

This is how Rio was sleeping on the sofa the other day! What a funny little dog!
Can't believe my oldest little baby is almost 4!

Rio was found laying on one of the dining room chairs - cheeky boy!

Bambi & Rio wish you all a lovely week and hope you come back next Wednesday to see what they've been up to! :)

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo

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