Friday, April 18, 2014

Polar Watch Review

So I've had my Polar Watch (Heart-Rate Monitor (HRM)) for a little while now and thought I'd give it a short review in case anyone would like to know a bit more about it before buying one themselves.

Being a Blogger and an avid InstaGramer (I believe the correct term is 'IGer'?) I noticed a lot of hype about HRMs and in particular, Polar HRMs. Since I wanted to lose weight, tone up and have more effective workouts, I decided to purchase a pink Polar Watch online and have been using it ever since.

Product:  The watch is a lot less bulky "in real life" than it looks in pictures. It's small, cute, feminine and looks just like a regular digital wrist-watch. If you buy the watch in pink, the colour is almost a raspberry pinky-red which is quite nice. The silver buttons on the side are easily pressed, but I feel could be a little less flimsy (they feel plastic-y and I'd rather a more metal-feel). The display of the watch is clear, bright and very easy to read - there's even a light to read the watch in dark conditions. 

The chest-strap is really comfortable and easily adjusted. If you lose weight there's no need to purchase a new strap, you can just adjust the length - the same can be said if you put on a little weight. The heart-rate monitor clips on and off of the strap so quickly and easily - even a first-timer could figure it out. 

Setting up the watch to your individual specifications (i.e. age, height, weight etc) was super simple when using the instruction booklet, and it took me less than 5 minutes.

Value for Money:  
I bought my Polar HRM online for about £59.99 including postage and packaging. I've seen the same watch being sold from £59.99 to £79.99. I think I got my watch at an amazing price, and I would definitely recommend anyone to buy one themselves. It's worth the money!!! I wear my HRM when I go to the gym and when I go for walks, but I know of people wearing them cycling and playing all sorts of sports also. Once you've used your HRM, you won't want to ever exercise without one again. Watching your calories burn, your heart-rate and the length of your workout is so addictive!

Packaging:  The packaging is quite simple. Black, neat box, clear instructions. It's not fancy and the packaging doesn't need to be - the product speaks for itself. 

Would I Recommend it to a Friend:  100% yes!!! Buy one today! You won't regret it! HRMs improve your workout, your motivation and your understanding about your own body.

I hope this review helped even just one person out! I know what it's like deliberating about whether to buy something with your hard-earned money, but maybe this blogpost might have helped you make up your mind!

If you love your Polar watch or have another kind of HRM - let me know what you think of yours! Do you love yours? Or would you rather have bought a different one?

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo

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