Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to beat First Day at New Job nerves

This is a pretty random subject to write a blogpost about, but I have my reasons! I had my first day at my new job a couple of weeks ago and was quite anxious about it. I wanted to be as stress-free as possible on the day and take everything in my stride. I hardly slept the night before, couldn't eat breakfast and wondered if I'd forgotten anything. Despite this the day went very well! I felt as prepared as I could have been and everyone I met was very welcoming and kind. Reflecting on this experience, I thought I'd write a list of ways to beat 'first day nerves' just in case it helps anyone relax a little before starting a new job.

1. Preparation!
- Know what you need to wear and lay out your outfit the night before.
- Ask whether you need to bring anything (i.e. laptop, packed lunch etc) and make sure everything is prepared and ready the night before.
- Find out where your job is, how to get to it and how long it will take you. Remember to try to be a little early!
- Fill your car with petrol or buy your train ticket / bus pass the day before.
- Make sure you have a drinks bottle for water. It's important to stay hydrated and drinking helps to prevent dry-mouth when you're nervous.
- Make sure you have change in your purse for the car park, vending machine, or just in case.
- Make a checklist of everything you need and everything you need to do, Lists help to clear your mind and keep you on track.

2. The night before ...
- Try to relax! (easier said than done, I know!)
- Keep yourself occupied to avoid intrusive thoughts and anxiety.
- Have a nice, hot bath, or paint your nails. Pampering can help you to relax, but also makes you feel and look good.
- Eat a filling and nutritious evening meal. You probably will be too nervous for breakfast in the morning so you need to make sure you eat well the night before.
- Set a few alarms. I always set 2 or 3 alarms to make sure I definitely wake up when I'm supposed to do something important the next morning. Leave enough time for you to get ready in the morning at a relaxed pace so that you are not stressed or rushed.

3. The first day ...
- Get ready to some relaxing music and a good radio station.
- Drink lots of water and try to have even just a little nibble of breakfast.
- Make yourself feel and look good! Make-up and perfume can boost your confidence.
- On the journey sing to the radio to distract yourself.
- It's your first day - they expect you to be nervous! No one expects you to be an expert on your first day of a new job!!
- Smile and say 'hello' to everyone you come across at work.
- Be polite, approachable and listen to everything that is said to you (even if you don't even remember half of it).
- Ask lots of questions. Don't be afraid to ask about something if you don't understand.
- Remember your manners. Manners go a long way, so remember to say 'please', 'thank you' and 'pardon'.

Those are the only points I can think of right now! I'm sure I've forgotten lots that I was thinking of including! Do you have any tips or tricks on how to make a first day less daunting?

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo


  1. Nice post, interview nerves are the worst as you always think over every detail before hand and when it comes to it after interview you feel fine and realise it was all in your head! If only we didn't over think things we'd be less anxious. xx

  2. Wahh fab post! I have my first day at work tomorrow - I can relate to all of these :) <3 xxx