Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy Halloween! My first time ever pumpkin carving.

Happy Halloween for yesterday!

My parents were never big fans of Halloween so when I was a child I think I only went 'Trick or Treating' once and that was under the supervision of my Mum, visiting pre-arranged family friend's homes. Andy had a quite strict Christian upbringing and he has never celebrated Halloween either; so this year we decided to at least just carve a couple of pumpkins.

On Wednesday morning (the day before Halloween), Andy visited the local market and purchased one large and two small pumpkins for us to decorate. I decided to carve my two small pumpkins in a girly fashion with love hearts and the word 'love' (I used some craft stencils I had from HobbyCraft). Andy, being the manly guy that he is, decided to stick to the spooky theme of Halloween and carve a creepy eye into his big pumpkin. Having done his masterpiece freehand, Andy was particularly proud of himself!

Yesterday for Halloween we had a couple of guests over for a takeaway and chilled evening. We lit some candles inside our pumpkins and enjoyed our crafty work. Next year we are considering throwing our first fancy dress Halloween party - exciting stuff!!

What did you guys get up to for Halloween? 

Love & Kisses,

Vicki xoxo

Come back to the blog soon to see how I got on meeting Andy's Grandmother for the first time, and also how our romantic spa weekend away was! :)

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