Saturday, October 26, 2013

My 1st Ever Blog Post! / About Me

Hello! Vicki here and this is my first blog post EVER!

I am a 23 year old Psychology Graduate from the South Coast of England. I have a German / Italian Mother & my Dad was born and raised in Zambia by his Irish parents - a bit of a mixed nationality! My younger sister is at University reading English Literature and she is probably one of the only people who knows me inside-out. 

I met my boyfriend, Andy, at Sixth Form College when I was 16 and he quickly became my best friend. After years of friendship, in May 2012 we decided to become 'exclusive' and have been together (& living together) ever since. Living with Andy and I are my two pedigree Chihuahuas, Bambi and Rio. These pups have been a constant source of happiness and love - I could not imagine my life without them!

After finishing my degree and spending summer deciding what to do next with my life, I thought about starting a blog to document my transition from carefree student into real life grown-up woman! (Scary!)

At the moment I'm not 100% certain about what this blog will contain but expect any of the following:

  • Finding a Job
  • Losing Weight (I gained a lot of weight at Uni & will be documenting my weight-loss journey)
  • Love and Boyfriend talk
  • Pets!! (I LOVE my 2 chihuahuas!)
  • Friendships
  • Travel (I generally travel a fair bit so join me on my adventures around the globe!)
  • Make-Up, Hair and Fashion
  • Home Decor and Crafts
  • ... and many, many more random topics for discussion!

So please excuse me whilst I go away and decide upon what to write about in my first 'proper' blog entry. I hope you enjoy reading my future articles and that I help people with their own lives on the way.

Love & Kisses,

Vicki Angel xoxo

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